Friday, January 28, 2005

What Keeps me up at Night?

The question that keeps me awake at night is "what is my value proposition?" Yeah, I'm lying away pondering what is essentially a marketing question. How far the mighty (proud) have fallen.

When you're working a good job for good pay, you can take your own value as a given. When you have to go out and explain it to someone, and expect them to part with their money, it is not. Today I am grappling with the question: "why should I hire you when I can get a Technical Writer II from the staffing agency on the cheap?"

"Because I'm a better writer" isn't a good enough answer, and "because I'm prepared to sell out" isn't a good enough answer. The answer might be "because I can be passionate about the technology, and because I can be right."

In other news, I may have some contract work coming in to help pay the bills, huzzah!


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