Friday, May 27, 2005

Ad Agency Chews its own Leg Off

I was SO not going to talk about the conflict between blogs and the advertising business ANY MORE. It's just not that interesting a topic. You either get blogs or you don't. Anybody's rant about a so-called war is irrelevant.

But sometimes someone pulls a gaffe that's too big to ignore. As reported on Dix&Eaton the blogosphere lit up over a supposed fake-blog play by a company named Panera. This generated a heap of bad publicity for the compnay. But as it turns out, the blog was not created by Panera. It was created by an add agency trying to capture Panera's business. Apparently the agency was anxious to impress Panera with how hip and "with it" they are.

Needless to say, they failed. Panera has since ordered the blog removed.


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