Friday, April 29, 2005

What are the Benefits of Blogging?

The biggest comment I've received from yesterday's post on my executive blogging service offering is that people still aren't convinced or clear on the benefits of blogging.

What are the benefits is really two questions: what are the business benefits and what are the personal benefits. Executive blogging straddles the line because executives are responsible for the performance of the business but, in many cases, have a certain celebrity of their own.

But executive blogging is a little of both personal and business. In a later post I'll talk about the business benefits of getting a whole company blogging.

First up, a blog builds credibility, shows your an expert and demonstrates that you're ready to talk honestly about the subject.

Second it builds recognition for your name.

It's a great way to deliver information, often faster, less expensive, and more easily than a press release, whitepaper, or other publication.

A blog is responsive and creates a forum for direct communications with customers and potential customers.

Blogs are excellent value added marketing - they give you an opportunity to provide a customer with useful information and lets them know that there's more where that came from.

Many people aren't aware how good a blog is for building a body of writing. Blog posts have a way of turning into KB articles, whitepapers, and even books.

Finally, personal achievement should not be left out. Executives want to achieve something like anyone else, and they like it when they get a chance to say something and say it well in a place where others can appreciate it.


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