Thursday, November 17, 2005

Don't Ignore the Bloggers

Sony used an exploit called a rootkit on its audio CDs to install copy protection on listeners' computers. Some security geeks sniffed it out. At this point Sony has angered legions of uber geeks and earned some harsh words on sites like Slashdot. Then it turns out that the rootkit is poorly written and may expose the system to crashes. Cue the bloggers.

BBC News: More Pain for Sony over CD Code

Now it turns out that the rootkit uninstaller Sony was kind enough to provide opens up a security hole. In just a couple of weeks, the bloggers have left Sony with a huge pile of egg on their face. This is likely to eclipse the Kryptonite affair.

This might also have been mitigated if Sony had some bloggers out there engaging the blogosphere. The damage would still be there, but at least Sony would be in the conversation.


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