Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Who's in Your Lunch Circle?

Think about the people you have lunch with. Same people every day? Lunches alone or at home? Muffing at your desk, one hand on the mouse? No time for lunch?

I was thinking about this the other day, and I realized that I regularly lunch with a selection of nearly a dozen different people from a half dozen different companies. More than anything else, it's my lunch breaks (and the occasional happy hour) that keep me in touch with what's happening elsewhere in the world. It's also in conversations over lunch that we've generated some of our best ideas. OK, we've generated some stinkers as well, but those are instructive too.

It's not just about meeting with customers and clients. Most of the people I meet with are former co-workers or fellow consultants. Talking to other people in your business is vitally important. It gives us an opportunity to share expertise and information about what's going on in our industry. If the only consultant you talk to on a regular basis is yourself, your world view gets warped pretty quickly.


Anonymous John Peltonen said...

Never eat alone.

4:30 PM  
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Anonymous allen macmillan said...

" If the only consultant you talk to on a regular basis is yourself, your world view gets warped pretty quickly..."

is that what happened to me?? ;)

3:51 PM  
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I eat alone with mouse in one hand.thanks for this wonderful post! Once this economy downturn started, i feel many have reduced to have lunch with others..

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